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I try to find local wood and wood that is sustainably harvested. I pick wood that may have imperfections, but this helps to keep the cost lower and it supports my belief that all living things hold beauty because of their imperfections. My job is to help bring out this innate beauty.

Since I can remember, I have engaged with nature and have been an active participant with the natural world. I worked my way through college as a carpenter apprentice as I combined my love of people with my love of nature and creativity.

I have worked in the mental health field as a licensed therapist most of my career, while taking furniture making classes in my spare time. As my skill level increased, people began to ask me to make furniture for them.

Mary Buttitta

VALUE without Compromise

Longevity of Our World!

My work reflects my love of trees by choosing to use reclaimed wood, wood sustainably harvested and incorporating environmentally friendly finishes.

Because of this, some of the wood used in the pieces I create have imperfections or flaws. But when joined together they add character, beauty and uniqueness, representing for us what is possible when we combine our talents, individuality and appreciation of the beauty in our diversity.

Together we are stronger and make the world a better place!

What people are saying…

Susan Wilson

 “The step stools took my breath away when I walked in and saw them. They are lovely and you have such an art form to bring joy and beauty and meaning into your life. I can’t think of better gifts for me to share with children that I love-they’ll use them all the days of their life-as wee ones trying to reach the sink and later for a zillion practical and beautiful uses into their full adult need of such. I am STOKED!

I’m also humbled by how affordable you have made these treasures. Your generosity is a gift and I receive it and it share it as I give these gorgeous stools away.”



Tracy Schneider, Vermont

“In addition to Mary’s wood working results being exquisite, she is an excellent listener, provided sound advice and strived to gain a full understanding of what I wanted the product details to be.  I am so pleased with the framed mirror, custom hooks and side table that Mary has made for my family.  I highly recommend Mary and her woodworking.”

Jenna, Brooklyn NY

“I have four beautiful, custom pieces from Mary, including a cutting board, a coffee table, and a matching bed frame and bedside table. Each of these pieces is unique and of the highest quality; Mary really listened to exactly what I was looking for in each piece in terms of size, style, and function, and created gorgeous, functional pieces that fit both my tastes and my small apartment perfectly, with clean lines and solid construction. The cutting board has stood up to over a dozen years of chopping and washing, and the three furniture items have been with me over the course of ten years and three different moves, and in spite of all that, each piece still looks and feels brand new. Because of Mary’s thoughtful craftsmanship, the bed frame has been easy toassemble and reassemble with each move, which cannot be said for flat-pack furniture. But, what makes Mary’s craftsmanship truly special is how much she loves and respects both trees and wood. Her deep knowledge and respect for wood translates to thoughtful choices in the types of wood she uses and a loving touch that elevates each of her creations to pieces of art. Real, handmade furniture–the kind that makes your house feel like a home, that you want to cherish for life–can feel out of reach for a lot of people, but Mary is working to change that for everyone she can, which makes her work a true joy to buy, in addition to just loving her creations on their own merit!” 


“Mary is wonderful to work with. If you don’t know much about hardwoods, Mary will guide you and help you select exactly what you were imagining.  Her love for woodworking shows in the beautiful pieces she creates.”

Kate J., Vermont

“We’ve commissioned Mary to make several things in our home, from a coffee table to cutting boards to a custom table for our pottery studio.  Her work is incredibly beautiful, and she goes out of her way to accommodate special requests like using knotty pieces and live edges.  She has an eye for bringing out the natural beauty of wood and guests are always commenting and asking where we got such lovely furniture.”

Lila kate, asheville, NC

“Mary crafted three lovely end tables for us. They fit our room, and our lives, perfectly!”